History Assignment

Watch the documentary “Secrets of World War I, Declassified” (available through Alexander St./Academic Video On-Line). 
Then study these sources:
 WWI Propaganda Sites
16 May, 1918–The U.S. Sedition Act
A Portion of Emma Goldman’s Autobiography (597-623)
(Begin on the bottom of page 597 “In the spirit of her military preparations . . . .” and read to the bottom of pg. 623.)
Use these materials to answer the following
1.) How did the United States get involved in the First World War?
2.) What happened to freedom of expression and freedom of the press (basic civil rights and liberties) in the United States during its involvement in the First World War?
3.) How did the rights and freedoms enjoyed by George Creel compare to those of Emma Goldman (who was a US citizen)?
4.) How did the US change in the aftermath of war?
* write 450 words for this assignment 

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History Assignment
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