HealthCare PowerPoint

Healthcare interview–I will do the audio myself
6-8 slides
Health Care Interview Presentation – 100 points

The goal of this assignment is for each student to explore how “real people” access health care and how this might have changed over time. Interview 3 separate individuals representing three generations (parents, grandparents, your generation or your children’s generation) and learn how they:

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HealthCare PowerPoint
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accessed health care 
paid for health care 
where they received their      health care 
how they viewed their health      care and health care providers
what changes they have seen      in the health care system
any other facts or      information you obtain from the interviewees

In your conclusion, provide a summary of the similarities and differences noted between the generations.

This presentation should be about 3-5 minutes in length with appropriate referencing and in APA format on the works cited slide of your presentation. This assignment is worth 100 points (10% of your grade) and is due in Week 3.
The sources you will be citing will be the people you interviewed. If you use direct quotes on your slides, you are to cite the source immediately following the sentence it was used in. Also, you are required to have a works cited page with your source information. 

Citations for Interviews and Personal Communication
Personal interviews and personal communications (email, group discussions, electronic bulletin boards, and telephone conversations) are NOT mentioned at the end of the paper on the list of references. However, they are cited in-text throughout the paper.
For personal communication, you should give the author’s full name (first and middle initials followed by last name), the kind of communication, followed by the date of communication. 
Example: (J.L. Smith, personal interview, April 10, 2006) 
For more information visit:
Health Care Interview Presentation Grading Rubric



  & Formatting



A quality presentation will   include proper citations. 
  & Cohesiveness



A quality presentation will include an introduction,   review of the generational interview information and a conclusion organized   in a logical manner. The conclusion will summarize the similarities and   differences noted between the generations.



A quality presentation will be free of any spelling,   punctuation, or grammatical errors. Information on each slide will be clear,   concise, and factually correct.



A quality presentation will meet the length requirement   and provide significant information about the beliefs of the   generation/person interviewed.



A quality presentation will meet or exceed all of   the above requirements.


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