Health Information Unit 5 Assignment 2 Vendor Selection

To understand vendor selection
Assignment Description
Step One: Conduct an internet search and select 10 different healthcare information systems. Create a table that lists the systems and categorizes them as either clinical, administrative, management, or financial information systems. Also include in the table a column to identify the purpose of the system, the different functions/applications of the systems, and the healthcare setting that the system is utilized in. Finally, include a column that provides a justification of why the systems fall into the selected category.
Step Two: You have been asked to develop a RFP for an electronic record system and a clinical coding system. Review the 10 systems that you have selected in Step One. Create 10 questions to be included on the RFP (5 questions for the electronic record system and 5 questions for the clinical coding system) addressing them to a specific system listed in Step One (NOTE: You may need to use more than one system from Step One).

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Health Information Unit 5 Assignment 2 Vendor Selection
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