HA530 Unit 10 Discussion

Using as references:
Title: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 
Edition: 13th (2019) 
Author: DeCenzo, Robbins and Verhulst 
Publisher: Wiley Book 
ISBN: 978-1-119-49518-5 

From the knowledge you have gained throughout this course: What is the rationale for health care organizations’ adoption of strategic management? Contrast management, personnel, and human resources management. What are you going to do with your new knowledge how will it help you in your career?* 

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HA530 Unit 10 Discussion
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Using their same reference in two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Breanne Munday and Crystal Moore 

Crystal Moore 
Strategic management in healthcare is important because there is always room for improvement which requires strategic thinking and implementation. According to an article I read, an example of strategic management in healthcare includes efforts to decrease healthcare costs (Saddique, 2002). Healthcare costs has been the subject of debate for numerous years and often it requires varying degrees of planning and implementation with changes being made constantly. While there is not a problem-free resolution, the changes that are made require much effort in hopes to make healthcare better and affordable for everyone.
A few examples regarding the difference between personnel management and human resource management:
Personnel Management 

Focuses on managing employees 
Adheres to policies 
Maintenance of the rules of an organization

Human Resource Management 

Concerned with planning and job analysis 
Implementation of training
Handles recruitment and hiring
(Businesstopia, 2018)

The list goes on but these are just a few examples of the difference between the two types of management. In summary, personnel management deals with a more specific group and topic while human resource management manages a broad, wide range of areas within the workplace. 
I learned a great deal while taking this course and it was difficult to view things from the perspective of a human resource manager because of the challenges that are faced when finding a fair ground between employer and employee. I think that in the future I will be able to control complicated situations while understanding the need to sometimes make difficult decisions as a healthcare manager such as budget cuts and furloughs. In the end, the general idea is to keep the business afloat and still be able to provide good quality of service.  
Businesstopia. “Personnel Management v/s Human Resource Management,” in Businesstopia, January 28, 2018, https://www.businesstopia.net/human-resource/personnel-management-vs-human-resource-management.
Saddique, A. (2002, May). Strategic Management Processes in Healthcare Organizations. Retrieved May 22, 2020, from https://www.researchgate.net/publication/271272247_Strategic_Management_Processes_in_Healthcare_Organizations


 Breanne Munday 
“As the healthcare field continues to exceed the rate of change, organizations must find new ways to bring strategy and vision to execution. Historically, organizations have experienced significant gaps in strategic performance due to the disconnection of strategy development from execution (SHSMD, 2017).” Typical strategic management processes offer several benefits for healthcare facilities.

Allows facilities to ensure that feedback and communication for strategic goals occurs on a regular basis.
Encourages annual reflection and performance reviews.
“Performance reviews against strategy becomes either a monthly, quarterly, or yearly process. A key component for many strategic management approaches is action planning for variances between goals and performance (SHSMD, 2017).”
Strategic management encourages the whole organization to engage in new processes.

Personnel management handles recruitment, hiring, staffing, and workers compensation. Has two categories that primary functions are divided into: operative and managerial.
Human resource management is a specialized branch of management that handles acquisitions, staff development, and coordination of staff members. This is a continuous process since they ensure the right person is completely certain job duties.
The difference between the two are:

“The part of management that deals with the workforce within the enterprise is known as Personnel Management. The branch of management, which focuses on the best possible use of the enterprise’s manpower, is known as Human Resource Management (Sampras, 2019).”
Human resource management treats employees as an asset when personnel management looks are workers as tools/machines.
Personnel management was replaced/revamped by human resource management

I learned a lot this semester and hope to utilize all the information I learned from this course to help the company I work for now and any future organizations I may work for.
Works Cited:
(n.d.). Retrieved from https://my.shsmd.org/blogs/the-shsmd-team/2017/05/24/four-reasons-why-strategic-management-is-essential-to-healthcare-organizations
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