HA530 Unit 1 Discussion

Using as reference 
Title: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 
Edition: 13th (2019) 
Author: DeCenzo, Robbins and Verhulst 
Publisher: Wiley Book
ISBN: 978-1-119-49518-5 

 Chapter 1: “The Dynamic Environment of HRM” 

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HA530 Unit 1 Discussion
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In no less than 200 words discuss How does diversity affect the organization’s work/life balance, and what ethical considerations exist that may drive the organization to be more work/life balanced

In two different paragraph give your personal opinion to  Chesala Durnal and  Brenda Newcomb 

Brenda Newcomb 
The impact of the role of HR among offshoring has been blamed for decreasing employment in many industries, particularly in manufacturing. Most manufacturing is lost due to automated work processes that impact the roles of HR. The impact of the role of HR among merges has failed in some instances in achieving their objectives for strategic financial gains. The impact of the role of HR among the economy is the global changing of cycles among contractions and growth. With these changes, HRM must provide additional training for the retained and retrained workers who has assumed additional responsibilities. The impact of the role of HR among the recession is slow and uneven, leaving some regions and industries in the dust or behind. HRM has experienced its employees of replacing layoffs and requires everybody to do more and have fewer resources (Verhulst, & Decenzo, 2019).
Verhulst, Susan L., & Decenzo, David. A. (2019). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (13th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons. 

Chesala Durnal
Diversity is something that is essential to every aspect our lives, whether everyone accepts it or not. It can greatly affect an organization’s work/life balance. It should be a positive effect, but it does depend on how a person responds to it. An organization needs to be hiring people of different backgrounds and diverse work experience. Some of them might be single individuals, individuals with multiple kids, or maybe people that are taking care of an elderly family member. The supervisors need to be aware of what responsibilities they employees may face outside of work, be flexible when needed, so they can keep their work/life balance in check and be aware that some may need overtime to help cover life expenses. At the same time, employees need to be aware that they were hired for a reason and need to be able to commit.
By hiring a variety of people, we can have many different perspectives, different ways of solving problems, and different ways of leading discussions. With the addition of people from a variety of backgrounds, it can bring problems with communication at times. It is important to keep lines of communication open and honest with everyone.
Facilities that are aware accommodate diversity and work/life balance might have a lower turn-over rate, than facilities that do not care about these aspects. If they require a single parent with two kids to work mandatory overtime nearly every weekend, that individual will probably not stay. But if there is an employee that is single and does not mind working weekends, they would be able to work those shifts instead. Human resource employees need to be aware of what their employee situation is and try to schedule shifts appropriately.
Human resources and other organizations are facing great uncertain times, as the entire world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many countries that are requiring its citizens to stay in their homes, unless for essential travel, like if they are an essential employee for their job. Among all this uncertainty, human resources, managers, and employees are all sharing the same worry and stress, because no one really knows exactly how it will not only affect their business, but the global economy. This could lead to low morale, employees feeling burnt out, and might even lead to poor patient care.
VERHULST, SUSAN L. (2018). Fundamentals Of Human Resource Management (13th ed.). Retrieved from https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781119495239/cfi/6/2!/4/2/4/[email protected]:0


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