Goodnight Mr. Tom

Goodnight Mr. Tom Mr. Tom: He is a bit gruff, but caring in the end. He is mostly a loner but opens his heart, when Willie arrives. William Beech: Scared, abused child who comes to stay with Mr. Tom during the war and later finds out the true feeling of family. Afraid of the belt. George: A friend of Will’s at Little Weirwold. Carrie: A friend of Willie, who is fiercely independent and later goes on to attend high school. Zack: An outgoing, funloving boy who is also an evacuee from London staying with a Little Wierwold family. A loyal friend who helps William come out of his shell.
Ginnie: Carrie’s sister. Annie Hartridge: The beautiful and kind schoolteacher with violet blue eyes and a single long blonde braid. Has a baby, just after Willie starts in her class. Mrs. Fletcher: Caretaker for Mr Tom’s house. Geoffrey: An artist living in Spooky Cott after his time at Dunkirk. Recognizes Willie’s drawing talent and becomes his art mentor. Emilia Thorne: William’s second teacher. Later develops a relationship with Geoffrey. Mrs. Clarence: A middle-aged woman living in Salmouth, who takes Mr Tom, Willie and Zach in for their holidays. Dobbs: Mr.
Tom’s horse. Rachel: Mr. Tom’s wife who died shortly after childbirth. After her death, Mr. Tom shut himself away from anyone who reminded him about her. Mrs. Black Mr. Bush Nance Mrs. Miller Mr. Peters Christine Trudy: Mrs. Beech’s surprise baby. Later dies of mistreatment and malnutrition. Charlie Rudd: A local warden of Deptford. Shows Mr Tom Willie’s house and assists in the rescue. Setting England Little Weirwold: The village Willie is evacuated to. Deptford: Willie’s home town. Mr. Oakley later travels there. Expressions Wizzo: Expression akin to “Neato! ” or “Great! Calloo Callay: Originally from Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwockey,” Calloo Callay is an expression of joy and excitement. Theme Power of Love Summary Abused boy goes to live with grumpy old man in the county because of war. Boy becomes happy, man becomes nice Willie Beech  is evacuated to stay with Mr Tom, where they bond after time. After time Mr Tom willingly adopts him. Quotes “He called me Dad, he whispered croakily into the darkness. “He called me Dad. ” And, although he felt overwhelmed with happiness, the tears ran silently down his face. – Mr Tom (or Mr. Oakley)

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Goodnight Mr. Tom
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