Goals After Graduation

It’s a day to look back and acknowledge the success throughout the year’s. Graduation and receiving your diploma is the key to success. Graduates should have a goal in mind of what they want to do with their future. My goal for when I graduate is, to continue my education through college and earn my degree as a medical assistant. The Medical assistant field is always high in demand. And It’s one of the top paying field’s.
I think In order for you to enjoy work you have to find something you are comfortable doing. When setting a goal you have to keep In mind that you have to try to do whatever Is In your hands to achieve that goal. Earning my degree to become a Medical assistant Is my goal because I love helping others. And the fact well paying field Is a plus. Being that I have 5 children and I want the bets for them. I would love to be able to help my husband provide for our children’s dally needs.
And I know with the help and support of my husband and children I will be able to achieve my goal of finishing college and earning my degree as a Medical assistant. I know that reaching my goal of earning my degree will take lots of patience and perseverance from my part. But hey nobody said it would be easel Setting goals for after graduating is very important so you can have an I idea of what you want to do with your future. Graduating is already an achieved goal that we all set when we first enter grade school.

And that is one of life’s most important goal, graduating high school. In conclusion, making goals for after graduating is very important because it helps you have a better planned future. Goals are hard to achieve but are very important in life. Don’t let anyone stop you from achieving your goal. Don’t matter how old you are with patience and perseverance you will accomplish your goal. I know I will do my best to achieve my goal to earn my degree for Medical assistant.

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Goals After Graduation
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