Genesis Healthcare Company Analysis

GM588 Final Project Proposal Outline 1. Enhancement of Quality for Genesis Healthcare 2. Genesis Potomac Center 3. Genesis Healthcare is a leading provider of short term healthcare services which includes: rehabilitation, dialysis, skill nursing and sometimes long term care. The company operates over two hundred centers within thirteen eastern states in the United States. Genesis also supplies rehabilitation therapy to over one thousand one hundred health care providers within twenty eight states and the District of Columbia.
Quality management in Genesis is very well encouraged because they are involved in an industry that caters to the needs and lives of people. According to their values quality and care should be given to touch and improve the lives of others. 4. I currently work for Genesis, at the Washington DC location. This location has a bad reputation due to an incident that occurs years ago because the quality in service was breached. However, at the time the situation happen the facility was under a different management that had no affiliations with Genesis but people still have that bad notion of the company.
I feel as though the only way we can change the perception of these people is by enhancing the quality in the services we provide. 5. After I joined Genesis about a year ago along with our new management team, we have changed everything and made lots of progress. Our greatest opportunity was getting our surroundings involve so that they could then witness the improvement that were being made. Renovation of the building was first done since it was an opportunity to attract the general public.

Weekly surveys were also put in place so that residence could give feedback on a daily bases to show the company and its new management improvements. 6. In order for Genesis to continue its growth, I believe the best quality management tool to follow would be the six stigma. Genesis already completed the first step of the stigma method which is defining the problem. They realize that quality was breached so they are working on enhancing and improving quality for their customers.
The second step is measuring the quality and to do that, Genesis has a weekly survey system that generates the effectiveness of the quality being given and those responses is how quality is measured. Genesis is constantly utilizing the third method of the six stigmas which is improving quality. They encourage and task their employees on a daily basis to provide great service. They also train their employees to be successful in promoting quality. The analyzation of quality is a task Genesis has mastered because they have sought out the needs of their customers, which help determine the kind of quality service needed.
Improving is the aspect Genesis is putting most of their efforts into because any entity existing in our world must have the desire to grow and the only way to achieve that goal is through improvement. Control is definitely an aspect of the stigma that genesis have a good grip on because they have come up with ways to accomplish their quality management goals and how they can control the quality they intend to give. 7. TCO A, C, D and I all relates well to my project because they all talk about the importance of quality management and some of the philosophies to follow when enforcing quality.
As a person, I believe that the best way an organization can grow is based on quality because people will fund something if they are satisfied with it. I also am a huge fan of the six stigmas because I have used it several times and its yielded positive results. 8. Sources 1. Evans, J. , & Lindsay, W. (2011). Managing for quality & performance excellence. Pre-press. 2. Genesis company history. (n. d. ). Retrieved from www. genesishcc. com 3. De Sousa, S. (2010). Six stigma steps. My PM expert, 11(2), 232. Retrieved from www. my-project-management-expert. com

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Genesis Healthcare Company Analysis
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