Gender, Culture and Giving

Gender, Culture, and Giving
Throughout the history of giving or at least in our American culture, philanthropy has been dominated by wealthy, white men. As our society has changed, so has the face of giving. What does a changing demographic mean for the world of the nonprofit?

In this assignment, you need to select at least one high-profile person who is known for his/her philanthropy. Research this person’s giving habits—to what organizations does this person regularly give? What is the giving philosophy of this person? How and why did he/she choose the organization(s) to which he/she gives? How does this person’s giving habits compare with the discussion in this unit’s media piece? How does this person’s giving habits compare with someone like Bill Gates? Do you think that gender and/or culture play a role in how this person gives? Explain. Why did you choose this person to research? Is there something about his/her giving philosophy that influenced your choice?
Selection Requirements

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Gender, Culture and Giving
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The person you select to research and report on must be at least one of the following:
A woman of any culture or ethnicity.
A man or woman of Hispanic or Latino origin.
A man or woman of African-American origin.
A man or woman of Asian-American origin.
A man or woman of Native American origin.
A man or woman of another non-Caucasian, non-European origin.
Your submitted assignment should be 4–5 pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages, and must follow APA guidelines. Your writing should demonstrate effective communication, using proper spelling and grammar, and be appropriate for a doctoral level learner. You must include references to at least three scholarly resources.


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