Gender and communication

Gendered Stereotypes in the Workplace

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Gender and communication
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Stereotypes of Women
Sex Object
Iron Maiden

Stereotypes of Men
Sturdy Oak

1. Have you seen one or two of these stereotypes in action? That is, someone acting in ways that might be identified as these labels and others describing them with these stereotypes?  

2. Have you seen others at work treat them in ways that “box them in” with these stereotypes? How does this cause a problem (for them or for others)?

3. How can we REFRAME how we communicate about others at work? Why is it important to avoid using or describing others as these stereotypes?

Assignment Guidelines:

Describe a situation (200-400 words) or two when you experienced or observed communication perpetuating these stereotypes in action (either by the stereotyped worker or by others at work). Give us some situation details (who, when, where, what, why and/or how) and describe the communication involved. Also, tell us if any other messages were ADDED to that problematic communication and if that helped or hurt (or changed nothing). Explain why. As per the usual for forums, post once, and comment on two of your classmates’ posts. 


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