Gardner’s Theory on Seven Intelligences

Gardner’s intelligence theory comes from a book he wrote and published titled Frames of Mind (1983). Gardner’s theory on the seven intelligences was quickly adapted by the educational and training fields to help educators and trainers to understand personalities, intelligence, and learning styles. This has enabled educators and trainers to narrow in on how to teach and grasp the attention of all their students and trainees.
Whereas encouraging and motivating them by understanding how they learn and the best way to teach them. Gardner’s theories and concepts are aids to understanding overall personalities and strengths. These theories and concepts are all easily understood and can be incorporated into almost any educational or training situation, to better assist in the education and training process. Sometimes combining more than one intelligence helps in finding the best way to educate and train individuals all over the world.
Linguistic Intelligence is the intelligence of language or words, when you learn by writing the information down, or when you absorb information my hearing words this is all a form of Linguistic Intelligence. When you form images in your mind when learning or you have to picture what is being taught in your head this is part of the Spatial Intelligence. When you learn by listening to music or if you absorb information better when music is playing this is the Musical Intelligence.

Now when learning comes when you actually do what is being taught, hands on so to speak this is called the Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence. Interpersonal Intelligence is happening when a person can learn about a person or situation by the vibe they get from another person in the situation. Also when you learn better through interactions with others like group projects or having a study buddy this can be considered Interpersonal Intelligence. When you rely on self to learn, by understanding your own feelings and interest this is the Intrapersonal Intelligence.
People that use Intrapersonal Intelligence are usually independent learners. Now with Logical Mathematical Intelligence you learn by patterns and reasoning, often needing facts to solve problems, also with learning things need to make sense or be logical. Out of the Seven Intelligence Theories produced by Howard Gardner I believe that Linguistic and Bodily- Kinesthetic are the two that are most dominate in my life. When I learn or am trying to absorb information. I have to hear the words and follow along with the written words when possible.
So I download audio files of my text books and take good notes, and when I go over my notes I always read them out loud. As with the Bodily- Kinesthetic Intelligence, I see this come through when I write information that I am trying to learn this ties into my Linguistic Intelligence, because I not only need to see and hear my work, I have to physically write it down. The motion of the writing and picturing the words in my mind, I always find it easier to retain information. In studying Gardner’s theories on intelligences I have so much about helping myself to learn more effectively and efficiently.

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Gardner’s Theory on Seven Intelligences
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