Follow the guide carefully due May 29 monday

Guided Response: Take the survey of at least two of your peers, assuming the role of a student attempting to create an individualized learning style. What could be added to more accurately assess your abilities in terms of learning styles/preferences? Make suggestions based on the article you cited in your prompt, other articles you’ve read, and information from this week’s readings. Write two additional questions that will enhance your peer’s survey. Be sure that all in-text citations included have an APA formatted reference at the conclusion of your response. 

It should be TWO DIFFERENT RESPONSE for two different student. 

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Follow the guide carefully due May 29 monday
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acqueline Rodriguez

Link to survey LinkLinks to an external site.

The target population for this survey is for 6thgrade middle school students. With this survey, I will be able to see how my students will best learn and interact with peers during group instruction. Specially with the question about the map, it was included in there to see how many students would learn best with a visual or graphic of maps during social studies instruction. Teachers are encouraged to adopt progressive teaching styles to accommodate the varied abilities of students, so as to enable these students excel in their learning (Sulaiman, Abduhraham,Rahim, 2010).  This survey will allow for me to determine how students learn and enhance the lessons to ensure that students are exceling and understanding the concept. The interpersonal and intrapersonal questions will allow me to see how to differentiate assignments based on how students work and learn in groups and individually. I also included the question of when students feel more focused because I felt it would help me determine when would be the best time to introduce content that may be a little bit higher level thinking for some students. Students display certain characteristics within the physiological domain that can be used to make their learning more efficient (Puckett, 2013).

Sulaiman, T., Abdurahman, A., & Rahim, S. (2010). Teaching Strategies Based on Multiple Intelligences Theory among Science and Mathematics Secondary School Teachers. Elsevier,513-518. Retrieved April 25, 2018, from
Puckett, K (2013). Differentiating Instruction: A Practical Guide [Electronic version]. Retrieved from

Laura Ferrari 

My targeted audience for this survey is for six grades through eighth graders. This short survey will give me a better understanding of my students thought process and learning style. I asked questions on numerical, visual, auditory, and listening (simple questions). All children have different learning styles including adults. I want to have a clear visual and understanding of each and every student I have including what they think by answering these multiple questions. This will also help me create better lesson plans base on their needs. I firmly believe that when creating lesson plans for your students you as the teacher need to know your audience and how you will implement the lessons you are teaching throughout the year. By having students answer this short survey for me I can get better feedback and understanding from them.In our text book: DIFFERENTIATING INSTRUCTION: A PRACTICAL GUIDE: It states:
Students learn from feedback that is specific and detailed enough to guide their learning. Feedback is part of the teaching process. For the teacher, it connects the assessment of learning with what needs to follow. For students, it connects thinking with the expected learning. Ideas or concepts that are on the right track are confirmed; ideas that are based on misconceptions or lack of understanding are challenged (Earl, 2012).

Puckett, K (2013). Differentiating Instruction: A Practical Guide [Electronic version]. Retrieved from to an external site.
Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. (n.d.). Retrieved from gardners-theory-of-multiple-intelligences-2795161


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