fixing a paper

Please do another read through to correct for grammatical errors. The section where you begin to discuss how you would treat someone with this disorder needs to be cleaned up.
Also, make sure the paper flows.  For example, you begin to talk about treatment strategies through medication and behavior therapy and then later in the paper talk about “two other ways to treat this disorder” (and basically repeat the same information). 
Where there are places where you have pulled in other information, be sure that it is correctly cited and referenced and not simply cut and pasted into your paper.
I encourage you to explore/say more about potential cultural differences (any differences between races/ethnicities in terms of having this disorder or treatment considerations?) and note you need at least one more page to meet the minimum page requirement of 1-2 pages (reference page does not count).  You could potentially describe the treatment of a specific patient (case vignette); go into detail about a specific technique used to treat this disorder (explain how you might use “exposure”); etc.

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fixing a paper
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