First Draft (RasWriter Only)

complete a draft of your paper integrating the source material from your research and citing appropriately. Submit your paper to the M4 Assignment 2 Dropbox. Turnitin is integrated into the Dropbox. When you submit your paper, it will be run through the TurnItIn software, and you will be able to review your Originality Report soon after submission. If your TurnItIn score is not in the green range, be sure to make the appropriate changes as noted on the TurnItIn report.
For guidance on organizing your paper, refer back to the outline you created in Module 3 as well as any feedback you received on your outline.
You will want to review your work by using the checklist provided below:

You have a single point that is conveyed through your thesis statement.
Your paper makes a logical argument that can be supported with credible research.
Your paper is well organized and you know your audience.
You receive a TurnItIn report in the green range.
You are able to understand your opposition, and you respond well to the claims of your opposition.
You cite at least 6 reliable sources (8 in the Module 5 submission).
You use correct in-text citations.
Your references page is correctly formatted.
You show a strong command of vocabulary, grammar, and punctuation.
Your paper is 6–8 pages not including the title and references pages.

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First Draft (RasWriter Only)
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