Finish Rough draft

Revising your rough draft and finish the eassay, “Inquiry 1 Rhetorical Narrative“. The main idea of this narrative is to write about a situation/circumstance/people/person that has impacted and/or changed you in some way.
In order to receive full points you must have the items included in the Peer-Editing Checklist. Below is a link to the Checklist.
Teacher’s comments:            
You don’t need a cover page.  You need to correct header: last name and page number. You don’t need “Inquiry 1 rough draft” on your pages.  * you described the accident but not the ways that it impacted your life. You will need to add more details about this. You will need to begin your essay with the events that led up to the wreck. However, your thesis statement covered these areas:  1. taught me the importance of respecting life (you will need examples and details of how this helped you to respect life) 2. the wreck helped you learn to make better decisions when faced with challenges. Like what? you need details and examples here. 3. You have no 3rd point. You need to write about 3 details of how the wreck impacted your life.  * You need to start with your thesis. Add another detail *Your topic sentences will be the 3 main points from your thesis.  * You will need to use a simile or a metaphor *You will need to use at least 1 line of dialogue  

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Finish Rough draft
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