Now’s your chance to be a film critic! In this Discussion, pick one film to write about and answer questions about the film’s characters. For details about selections, descriptions, online sources, and discussion expectations, refer to the Instructions for Film Discussion ORGL 3000. It’s Showtime!.pdf

Promised Land (2012).
Nobody’s Fool (1994).
How to Make an American Quilt (1995)
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002)

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In your initial post, answer these questions about the characters in the film. (A brief paragraph per question.)

Describe the specific assumptions or beliefs the characters have in the beginning of the film. Why do they hold these assumptions/beliefs?
What do they learn about other people or about the world that challenges their long held beliefs? Describe an incident (or series of incidents) that causes a revelation to the character(s).
How do the goals or desires of the characters change by the end of the film?
In your view, describe the learning/reflective concept from the course readings that best represents the development of a major character.
In the film, with which character did you most identify (in terms of how his/her attitude or assumptions changed)?

In the Subject Line, put the title of your film. Use the Grading Rubric for Discussions to maximize your score. Write professionally, respond to a minimum of two classmates, post early so others can comment. CONNECT COURSE CONTENT AND LITERATURE  in assignment. ALWAYS CITE REFERENCES/WORKS CITED utilizing the MLA or APA format.


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