Fiero’s Greek Civiliation

I believe Fiero’s first humanist actually seems to start in early Greek civilization. ” Greeks were called the humanists of the ancient world”. (Fiero 30) The Greeks were known for their art, literature, as well as their religious culture. Fiero also refers to the humanistic period in which the great historian Thucydides wrote “The History of The Polynesian War” (Fiero 37) which we see celebrates the Greek culture in Athens during the Polynesian War. I believe this was a great example of the humanist in the Greek culture by showing the true spirit of Greek patriotism and community of the Greek people.
We also see Fiero use the Greeks use what was called “symmetry”, on their statues and paintings. They believed the true aspect of the human being should be shown in actual form. They also show such detail and the proportion was correct. They also show that the human body was a work of art. We also see Fiero use the example of the “Parthenon” as the Greeks style of architecture. On the actual “Parthenon” they had the four horsemen, water bearers, and the showing of the festival in which the tribute to Helen was shown. This shows me that the Greeks were all about depicting the greatness of their civilization.
The Romans basically copied the art and most of everything else so I will go straight to the Renaissance. Fiero refers to the Renaissance as the revival of the Greco-Roman culture. (Fiero 183) This was revised by the Aquinas. They were looking at this as the” fulfillment of the human potential”. (Fiero 183) This is what I see in the art of the Renaissance is that the pieces had depth and perception and proportion and symmetry just like the Greco-Roman style. Fiero comments that new Renaissance humanists have religion in their lives but look at their intellectual curiosity has appealing and appeasing.

According to Fiero the most Renaissance Humanists was “Francesco Petrarch”. (Fiero 184) I believe Francesco was a restorer of early Latin works. I believe he was trying to bring to life the old classics of the Greek world. I think he wanted to show that he was a great poet as Cicero. I think he was torn on whether he was a great believer or reasoner. I believe he chose to be a believer. In his sonnet I think he was torn on his love for his lover or his love of words. I see these as examples of Fiero’s humanism.

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Fiero’s Greek Civiliation
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