Explore 3 companies from list below.

For this assignment you are going on a Scavenger hunt for strategies–both business and functional. Explore 3 companies from list below. In order to see as many strategies in action as possible, if a classmates has already chosen a company then please select a different one from the list. I know there may be some overlapping selections but this will help us discuss a more diverse mix.
Company List:
      IBM United Health   GE Blackberry   Netflix Proctor & Gamble   Tyco Johnson & Johnson   BP Berkshire Hathaway   Sony Facebook   Merck JP Morgan Chase   Apple Unilever   BMW Toyota   Citicorp Amazon    
Identify the business and functional strategies you see for each of the 3 companies you have selected.
Discuss with your classmates the similarities and differences you see from companies within the same industry and those in other industries.  Evaluate if you believe the strategies are relevant to the needs of the company to keep them moving forward competitively. What changes if any would you recommend?

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Explore 3 companies from list below.
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