Examining a Student’s Annotated Bibliography

our response to this discussion is due by this week Friday at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST).
You are also asked to respond to at least one other student in the class on his or her response.
Your response to your fellow student is due by this week Sunday at midnight Eastern Standard Time (EST).
For this discussion, you’ll learn about the annotated bibliography, which will be the first assignment you’ll submit.
For your WA #1, you’ll gather five (5) scholarly sources on the topic that you’ve chosen and write an annotated bibliography.
An annotated bibliography consists of APA-formatted citations and written paragraphs that summarize, describe, and evaluate the referenced articles.
In evaluating the article, you’ll ask questions like: Does the source seem reliable? Is it current? What limitations have you noted in the study? How does the material relate to your topic? Will you find the material useful for your work?
For this discussion, here’s what you need to do:

Review the sample, student annotated bibliography attached in Content: Sample Student Annotated Bibliography:China’s One Child Policy Student A –(Please note that this example uses APA 6th edition.)
Answer the prompts below. 

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Examining a Student’s Annotated Bibliography
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After reading the sample student annotated bibliography, choose one of the annotations and answer the following questions. If the annotation does not offer a clear answer to the prompt, be sure to state this in your response:
(1) Identify the claim made by the author(s) of the article (1-2 sentences) (e.g., “The authors claim that China’s one-child policy…”)
(2) Identify the main strength(s) in the study, according to the student (1-2 sentences). (e.g., “According to the student, the main strength is…”) 
(3) Identify the conclusion(s) reached by the author(s) of the article (1-2 sentences) (e.g., “The author determined that…”)
(4) Are there any limitations in the study, according to the student? (1-2 sentences) (e.g., “The student states that the study was not current…”)
(5) Did the student find the source useful/not useful for his/her own work? Why or why not? (~1-2 sentences) (e.g., “It’s unclear if the student found the source useful…”)


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