Exam Persuasive Essay

They are already living in an expensive environment cause by the inflation. Are they also have o pay extra tex for the weste levy? Which Is very unfair to the poor families pay for the levy. Besides the SMEs are also affected by waste levy, especially those in the catering industry. Some of the investigations, found out that about one-third of the disposal Is the food waste, so the catering Industry has to bear the brunt of waste levy.
To those small restaurants, waste levy is increased their economic burden, and they will probably turn this tex burden to d third party, so they may Increase the price ot their tood. As a result, the citizens and customers will take up the additional ost of levy for the restaurants, so it doesn’t help the Hong Kong econornic as well. Beside the problems to the SMEs and domestic families, the efficiency of waste levy is judging by the people, some of the people think this levy Is useless and wasting money.
About the waste levy, there are two wap to implement this levy, one is the equal-share system. and one is collected individually on household basis. The equal- share system which means the levy Is charged by building, the levy Is shared between the residents. And this system may cause some unfair situations because of the residents have different amount of disposal. BLit f the levy Is based on household inefficient, besides there are many unsolved problems, for examples, should the levy be charged by volume or by weight of the waste?

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Exam Persuasive Essay
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