Ethnic Studies 5.3.2

 High School Students Guide to Common Expressions:
   (No Grammar errors, Must be On Time, MLA format, No Plagiarism) 
1.   Assignment Information
Due Date Friday, July 6, 201811:59 PM

Why do foreigners have difficulty understanding the English Language?

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Ethnic Studies 5.3.2
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Assignment Instructions:

Go back to the web link in the module that come before this page( ) , Ye Olde English Sayings. After viewing this website on idioms, do you wonder why non-native English speakers have difficulty following our conversation?
Create a user friendly guide, sort of an quick index to understanding commonly used expressions among high school students
List at least 10 expressions. 
Explain who your audience for this guide is, what geographic area in the United States or Hawaii that these saying would mostly be used in. 
Finally, explain the appropriate time and place that each expression should be used and what would happen if you misused the expression.
Add illustrations to the guide (clipart, images, etc). Be sure the illustrations are classroom appropriate and you cite the source of the illustration.


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