Josephine Reading & Writing: Cerise 4B 02/28/13 Dependent on Computers Technology has a key role to many people in life. Like the computer, a contemporary production, that provides a lot of functions such as for work, entertainment, and schoolwork. People spend a lot of time using computers nowadays, and computers help us achieve many things conveniently and quickly. We have to do our homework and to watch new movies with computers. The computer is a very great invention in this generation. However, we should know whether we are too dependent on computers or not.
Although people use computers to do many things in their lives because it is very conveniently, I believe that dependence on computers has many potential disadvantages. Using computers to work can decrease work efficiency. It is irrefutable that computers are a great help at work. Using internet ways to send the emails are better than using letters, because it can save more time at work. Whereas, people often watch Facebook or Twitter and talk with friends by MSN in the work so that they waste their time. According to Tagtmeier. 2010), “Finally, whether it is Facebook or Twitter, there is no overnight shortcut to creating a successful page or profile. Hard work and patience will always be a part of adding fans or followers. The critics out there may say that it is a wasted effort. ” This will make people indulge in the Internet. Moreover, many students often spend too much time on computers to play games because it can make them relax and have fun. They reduce their pressure from working and relax their mood by playing games so that they can look forward to their future.
Even so, people won’t want to hang out with their friends because they just need computers to meet friends. According to Weinstein. (2010), “Users may play compulsively, isolating themselves from other forms of social contact, and focus almost entirely on in-game achievements rather than broader life events. ” They just want to meet friends in the virtual world, stay on the chair, and face the computer. Similarly, using computers can let people get harmful information or news.

For instance, if an actor gets married in Taiwan, I can use the internet to know the news instantly in America because computers are very easy and convenient to access this information. However, it is easy to make people believe the information or news on the computer. According to Shier. (2005), “The 2003 National Survey of Student Engagement reported that 87 percent of students who completed the survey reported copying information directly from the Internet without properly citing the source ‘at least some of the time. ” They may not recognize which one is real or fake, so it will affect their thinking and knowledge. I think we shouldn’t believe everything we see when we are using a computer. In conclusion, there are many disadvantages when we use a computer, and these things are very common to see. We are too dependent on computers, causing people to often use computers to watch Facebook and Twitter, to not want to hang out with their friends, and to easily believe the information or news on the computer.
Works Cited Shier, M. (2005). The way technology changes how we do what we do. New Directions For Student Services, (112), 77-87. Weinstein, A. (2010). Computer and Video Game Addiction—A Comparison between Game Users and Non-Game Users. American Journal Of Drug & Alcohol Abuse, 36(5), 268-276. doi:10. 3109/00952990. 2010. 491879 Tagtmeier, C. (2010). facebook vs. twitter. (Cover story). Computers In Libraries, 30(7), 6-10.

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