Essay on The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was once one of the biggest and most powerful empires in the lands. The empire owned most of the Mediterranean after conquering Carthage, and was immensely powerful. Huge military, very cultured, and massive area, the Roman Empire is the symbol of early, ancient civilizations. But like all powerful and great entities, Rome fell. There were multiple reasons for the fall, economic troubles, the rise of Christianity, and attacks by barbarians. There were other factors of course, but these three things brought the Roman Empire down, starting a new age.
Rome had many economic problems that divided the rich and poor. Many emperors debased the currency to supply more coinage, but this had unintended consequences. The coin now only represented gold and silver instead of actual gold and silver. Near the end of the empire, coins meant little to nothing, having little to no silver or gold.
Taxes were a big player as well, as Rome had taxed it’s citizens too much. The military and imperial guard were absolutely essential, the empire couldn’t survive without them. The taxes were so much, that people often sold themselves into slavery, saying that being free from taxes was better than personal liberty. Slavery was the last big player. Rome had a slave issue, relying on slave labor too much. But when territorial gain was halted, slaves and other war treasures stopped as well.

Christianity is the largest religion in the world. Back in the age of Rome, it was almost just as massive and fast spreading as it is today. This helped pull Rome into decline. The leader of Rome was seen as divine, chosen by the gods to lead. So when another Godly figure took over, which demanded worship to only him and no other gods before him, the emperor suddenly had fewer supporters. Adding the pope and bishops playing a part in political affairs, the government became more and more confusing and leaning away from the emperor.

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Essay on The Roman Empire
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