essay 3 page due in 15hours

Case Study Critique and Reflection – Grading Criteria
Students will write 3 different case studies of current issues pertaining to early childhood development and intervention which will be presented throughout the semester: the opioid epidemic, family separation, and lead poisoning. Students will read/view a variety of different sources (e.g. research articles, newspaper articles, podcasts, videos, etc.) and engage in discussion/activities within a designated class about each topic. Through this experience, students will have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of scientific information and analyze the connection of scientific research and applications to personal, social or ethical issues in the modern world.
Students will then individually complete a critique and reflection for each case study. The assignment will be graded in the following way:
Summary of Topic /5
The student will provide a brief summary of the topic, drawing from the readings and resources to demonstrate their understanding of the topic. Estimated length: .5-1 page
Critique of Current Scientific Evidence /10
The student will review current research regarding what is known about the topic and how it may impact a child’s early learning and development. As part of this, the student is encouraged to discuss any issues with the available scientific evidence and what research is still needed. Estimated length: 1 page
Application and Reflection /10
The student will apply information about the specific topic to the field of early intervention, reflecting on how this topic connects to personal, social, and ethical issues. These reflections can be both individual (e.g. how it impacts a child and their family) and broader, societal considerations (e.g. implications for the field of early intervention, policy-makers, global leaders, etc.) Estimated length: 1 page
Format and Proofread /5
Each assignment is estimated to be 3 double-spaced pages that are submitted through iLearn as either a Microsoft Word or pdf file. Assignments will be written in a professional manner and be thoroughly edited.
Total: /30

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essay 3 page due in 15hours
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