The Assignment For this Essay, you will write a researched analysis of a cultural artifact. Your argument should analyze the artifact or the artifact’s relationship with the culture it comes from. If you are working in a group for this project, you will choose the same artifact to analyze, but you must make different arguments about it.   Cultural Artifacts Cultural artifacts can be a variety of items: texts such as poems, short stories, ads, photographs, t.v. shows, films, videogames, blogs; they can be something broader like customs and traditions, or something real like a building or person. We will discuss some ideas as a class, but I encourage you to think of examples from your own lives.   Requirements Your paper should:  • present and develop a strong, original argument • provide evidence and examples (from the artifact and outside sources) as support  • have a logical organizational structure and developed paragraphs • do more than describe the research/artifact- remember to argue • present your own ideas • have at least 5 sources • be in APA format with minimal spelling/grammar mistakes  Research tips • Research around your topic- don’t just search for studies about a t.v. show- for example- but think about common themes the show discusses, the characters, location, other media in general, etc.  • Utilize the databases and library resources we’ve discussed • Work together- you are each a resource with knowledge to share

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