Instruction/ Tips to Follow when writing the paper: 
@@ Level of writing quality= Medium  

1- What is your philosophy of education (perennialism/ essentialism/ progressivism/ existentialism/ social constructivism)? 
2- Explain each of (perennialism/ essentialism/ progressivism/ existentialism/ social constructivism) and how those applied to you? 
3- How will your philosophical perspective impact you teaching style? 
4- How will you teaching placement modify your philosophy? 
5- How do your personal values, political proclivities, class consciousness, racial presperctives, and historical insights influence your outlook? 
6- Why is it important to have a philosophy of education? 

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Structure/ Organization: ( 5pages length)
1- Length: 5 pages 
2- Double spaced, word document, 1-inch margins, 12 point font 
3- Conventions: Spelling, usage, paragraphing, and sentence structure. 
4- Completeness: throughout discussion (‘compact crystallization’)
5- The writing should be scholarly, but natural, unforced, and shot through with wit, passion, and/ intrigue. 
6- There should be an engaging “sound” to the writing, a contrast in sentence length and cadence. It does’t plod; it has lilt. Thus, “write for the ear”


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