How would you define -specifically- the problem that Altruist is facing? What are the main causes? As It seems, Altos had believed a lot In their success because they believed In the balls they were producing and its quality. With the budget amount far beyond of competitors budget, its management believed that Its success has been secured ultimately. However, it seems like pricing strategy was overlooked. Quality of the product Is one aspect, and pricing and the way you deliver the product In the market Is another aspect.
With the economy going down and many crises occurring time to time, people have become each day more price-sensitive and they often overlook product value. Here communication channels should be used wisely to raise awareness about the value and not only price. If Alts had price as mall competitive Indicator than It risks Its future because other competitors are way more affordable and their main target is pricing-strategy that pushes clients away from Alts. Indeed industry trends speak that the more people are declining their interest in this sport.
This also is an indicator that once people do onto perceive this sport as valuable 2. – Would you support the launch of the Elevate product line? Which criteria would you use for the decision? Would you connect the brand name with Altruist? 4. – How would you decide the marketing resources that it needs? If you did not want to launch Elevate, what would you advise Altruist to change in their present marketing strategy? How will different distribution channels view the decision?

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