Enterprise Risk Management

Need a Research assessment and Thread Hunting on port 445 with 5page docuement & PPT

Use below provided link as source for project

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Enterprise Risk Management
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Use attached PDF document as reference for delivering 5 pages document in APA format

Research document need to submit based on below 10 steps and also compare with attached PDF for reference 

Step 1:  Asset at Risk will be the organization’s primary e-commerce web server.
Step 2:  You will provide this answer based on your research.
Step 3:  You will provide this answer based on your research; however, keep in mind how many times per day this is scanning the network, which will be given to your when you receive your topic.
Step 4:  You will provide this answer based on your research.
Step 5:  Assume the e-Commerce server is fully up-to-date and running the following base software:  Red Hat Linux, Apache, MariaDB, Drupal, PHP and is hardened based on base NIST recommendations for operations.
Step 6-7:  Calculate
Step 8:  Assume Moderate
Step 9:  Assume Moderate
Step 10:  Calculate and create this chart in excel with the appropriate item highlighted.  Include this chart in your paper and presentation.


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