English S

This particular short stories is one of my favorites.  Read the short story titled “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin  and provide responses to the discussion questions provided. The link has been provided for you below.  Afterwards, answer the questions that follow below.  Be sure that you respond in complete sentence form, in your own words.  Carefully plane your responses and fully answer the questions. Be sure to quote and properly document any information pulled from the story.  The format for this class is Modern Foreign Languages (MLA) style formatting.


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English S
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What is the significance of Mrs. Mallard’s “heart trouble”?
What is the significance of freedom in the story? How does the author portray this idea?
Describe Mrs. Mallard’s reaction to the death of her husband. Why do you think she feels this way?
What does Richards represent in the story?
What does Josephine represent in the story?
What view of marriage is portrayed in the story? Can this view still apply today?
Describe Mrs. Mallard’s journey in the story.



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