English 2 paper

 E2 Literary Analysis Assignment Write a 3-5 page formalist analysis of a text (you may use another theoretical approach such as Feminism or Marxism) Note: a formalist analysis focuses on the text itself  —specifically the text’s elements, structure, and genre You can choose a text (poem, short story, or our novel) that is listed on the syllabus or you can have Professor G approve an outside text. Steps: 1. Choose a text 2. If you choose to Research that text and include your findings in the essay, you will receive up to 10 points extra credit; to do that, you’ll need to find at least 2 sources of literary criticism that make claims about the text you’ve chosen. 3. Find the text’s overarching meaning, theme, or commentary. 4. Use literary elements seen in the text as evidence to back up your claims about the text’s overarching meaning or commentary 5. Come to some greater conclusion involving the text’s overarching meaning or commentary. SO WHAT? More details on research: -You will find 2 scholarly articles or books that discuss your text.
  This type of research is usually referred to as scholarly interpretations of your text. These sources should not be “book reports” over the text or news articles about the text. -This research will allow you to locate your specific reading within the critical conversation that is already occurring in academia. This may also allow you to specify or refine your specific reading of a text if you are unsure of your interpretation. -You will use the library’s online databases OR a hardcopy book from the library to do your research. No internet sources will be allowed as research. Note: You do need a Works Cited whether you decide to take on the research portion of this essay or not.  

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English 2 paper
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