English # 1

You will need to answer Reflection questions for Paper 1 after you have been sent your commented/marked paper by your professor.
Follow the directions from your professor regarding reflections for the papers for the course.  If you are not certain what those directions are, please email your professor for details.
Here’s how: 
In a minimum of 350 words answer the following questions: 1. What types of major errors occurred in your essay? 2. How will you avoid these errors in your future essays? 3. What part of the writing process did you find most difficult? 4. What part is easiest for you? 5. What is the most challenging aspect of writing the first paper for any class? 

Thank you for submitting your essay. As you revise, please review your supporting paragraphs and add more details. Strive to develop your examples more fully and relate these examples to the thesis or overall point of your essay. Use a summary or closing sentence in each supporting paragraph to relate the examples used to the thesis.
 Review commas with introductory elements. 
The period should follow the in text citation. So, “if this is my quote” (9).

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English # 1
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