Employment Law- Case Study – Faragher V City of Boca Raton

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Employment Law- Case Study – Faragher V City of Boca Raton
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1. Look up and review the case, This is the sexual harassment case against the lifeguards. 

2. Make an for this case, using the standard legal outline format example shown below. 

3. After your outline, to the question: 

    a. What should the employer have done about the harassing actions of Silverman and Terry?


I. Case Name and Citation

    a. Include the court or agency deciding the case

    b. Include the citation, which tells where to find the reported decision.

II. Key Facts (in brief)

    a. Why – are parties before the court or agency?

    b. What – are the parties seeking?

III. Stage in the legal process (Trial Court, NLRB,Appeals Court, etc.)

    a. What happened at prior stages (if any) in the legal process?

IV. Legal Issue (s)

    a. Include legal problem(s) raised by the facts of the dispute.

V. Reasoning of the Decision-Maker

    a. Why was dispute resolved the way it was?

    b. How did the decision-maker apply or reconcile the legal principles involved?


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