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Assignment 2: LASA 1: Accommodations & Assessment Modification Critique
Using the list of accommodations from the report that is due at the beginning of the course and an actual unit exam, mid-term exam, or final exam, write a two-part critique on the accommodations and assessment modifications that need to be made for ELLs. Use the following guidelines to complete this LASA:
Part I: Accommodations—Using the list of accommodations from the report assignment, write a critique about each accommodation. The critique should include the following: (a) an explanation of the accommodation, (b) rationale for the accommodation, (c) any research that supports the accommodation, and (d) practical effectiveness of the accommodation. For example, most states require that ELLs are given additional time on examinations. Your critique would include the amount of time given to mainstream students in comparison to the extended time, why additional time is needed, research that supports extended time or “wait time,” and your opinion about its effectiveness or practicality in an instructions setting given the many restraints faced during testing time.
Part II: Assessment Modification—Using a chapter, unit, midterm, or final exam, write a critique that shows the appropriate modifications for ELLs at all levels (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). Modifications must be made to the (a) instructions, (b) actual test items, and (c) the scoring guide/rubric. This part of the critique should also list the accommodations discussed in part one and why you selected those particular accommodations. Format and page length for part two of the critique will vary. Be sure to attach the original exam/test as an appendix of the paper.
Write two 6–8-page papers in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Use the following file naming conventions:


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By the due date assigned, deliver your assignment to the Submissions Area.
Grading Rubric
This assignment is worth 180 points and will be graded using a rubric. Download and read the rubric to understand the expectations.


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