Assignment 1: LASA 2: Making Decisions for Data Driven Change—Course Project: Using Data That Supports Student Growth
Candidate will access the school’s recent state test results. Results will be reviewed to find specific and supporting data to design and present an effective plan for instructional improvement aligned with the school’s mission, vision, and educational goals for student learning. Presentation will include how faculty and other stakeholders will be included in the analysis and interpretation of the data, professional development, and implementing strategies for instructional improvement.
General Project Instructions
You will create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your professional development and instructional improvement plans based on achievement data. This course takes you methodically through concepts and practices to make informed decisions as to the types of improvements needed to support your educational site. These improvements include specific professional development and instructional strategies selected as a result of using data in making positive decisions concerning their students’ teaching and learning options. The PowerPoint will include the following information:

Description of the site being used including brief demographics of the staff involved. (ELCC 2.1.a)
Types of data made available for decision-making process. (ELCC 3.1.a)
Decision-making models that best support the conditions at the selected site. (ELCC 3.1.b)
Decision-making models that best support the diversity at the selected site. (ELCC 5.2.a)
Theories, studies, or special readings that helped in making professional development and instructional decisions for the site. (ELCC 6.1.a)
Type of professional development selected and how it results from collected data. Connect this activity directly to selected theories and/or studies on professional development for instructional improvement proven to be successful. (ELCC 2.4.a)
Timeline, as to how this process would be successfully completed within a given school year. (ELCC 3.1.c)

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This presentation will meet all the requirements of an effective PowerPoint presentation and will be shared with members of the class. The PowerPoint will be accompanied by an oral presentation. The instructor will arrange the class into groups of three to six candidates. Your group will arrange a synchronous time for your presentation to be conducted using face-to-face digital conferencing. All members of the group will be required to complete an evaluation form to be submitted to the instructor who will also complete the evaluation form. The evaluation will assess your understanding of the content along with your ability to synthesize and present information to a group.
Click here to download the grading rubric for this assignment.
Deliver your assignment to the Submissions Area.



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