due on saturday

Scripting is a powerful aid to system administrators and, if understood properly, to end users as well. Your group has been asked to provide information about file storage needs on all the computers in the network. Your tool of choice for this task is Windows PowerShell.
For this project, do the following:

Download and install Windows PowerShell if it is not already installed on your computer (see Start Menu > Accessories).
Review the Getting Started information in the Windows PowerShell help file, and study the information in the help file and online resource for basic scripting techniques using Windows PowerShell.
Prepare a document to submit your work:

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due on saturday
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Use Microsoft Word
Title page

Course number and name
Project name
Your name

Write a Windows PowerShell script that will perform the following functions:

Search your computer for files ending with a .doc, .docx, .xls, or .xlsx file extension.
Output the filenames and sizes (in groups by file extension) to a text file named “File_Summary.txt”. The output should also conclude with a total of the number of files and total file size for each file extension.
Include comments in the script code to document the functionality of the script.

Paste the script and the file output to your MS Word document.

Name the document yourname_ITSD327_IP2.doc.
Submit the document for grading.

Please submit your assignment.


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