due 3 pm pacific time on 9/9/17

Page 307 of your textbook describes predatory dumping as “a situation in which a Foreign firm sells at a price below its average costs with the intention of causing Home firms to suffer losses and, eventually, to leave the market because of bankruptcy.” The textbook, on page 302, also states that World Trade Organization (WTO) rules allow countries to “apply a tariff any time a foreign firm dumps its product on a local market.” Why would a home country punish a foreign country for subsidizing imports? Do you agree with this policy? Explain. 200 word

Read the referenced article below, and assess whether or not this effort by the European Union has merit and whether or not this effort will be effective. If you deem that the effort will not be effective, explain what you would do differently and why. Also, through additional research, explain whether or not the solar energy industry is an infant industry. Are there any additional protections that you would create for the European Union? Your case study should be at least three pages in length. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations. Cite at least one resource from the CSU Online Library. Chaffin, J. (2013, May 10). Solar flares: Trade. Financial Times, 11. Retrieved from https://libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/login? url=http://search.proquest.com.libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/docview/1349784977?accountid=33337 

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due 3 pm pacific time on 9/9/17
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