Due 09/27/[email protected] 8:00 pm tonight

Discussion 1) Adversarial justice systems start with what law is broken, who broke it, and how to punish the offender. Restorative justice policies ask what harm was done, how to repair the harm, and who’s responsible for repairing the harm. View the following short videos: Central Michigan Restorative Justice Introduction;  Restorative Justice Introduction The Transformation of West Philadelphia High School. Finally, explore the Flathead Valley, MT Center for Restorative Justice website. What are your thoughts?  Harsher punishments have not been as effective as many suggest. How do we incorporate restorative justice policies into resolving the issues of our young people in the home, schools, the community, and the juvenile system? Be specific. 

Discussion 2) Imagine you are the chief of police of your local community and have decided to implement a community-oriented policing program. One of the issues confronting your community is a phenomenon found in some urban communities called Stop Snitching. Present your community-oriented policing program, including a specific program that addresses this phenomenon. Be very specific; you are presenting this to your department and community. 

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Due 09/27/[email protected] 8:00 pm tonight
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Discussion3) Are parents in juvenile interrogations Friend or Foe? Read the article and share your thoughts. How involved should a parent be? After viewing the video Why Don’t Kids Have Lawyers?, consider how to resolve this apparent dilemma. 

Discussion 4) This sounds a little simplistic but for this week’s discussion discuss three major problems jail inmates bring to the institution – in order of importance. How should the first one on your list be best controlled?


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