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  Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below.  
This assignment has really opened me up to all the possible things or items I can thoroughly, dissect and evaluate the process. Unfortunately for me It was very difficult for me to come with a process. Nonetheless, I choose to evaluate the process of treating drinking water.
Drinking water is something every humans or animal on earth required at some point. Water is just as important as air entering our body. But before the water gets to our body or our homes, there must be a process of making water clean for consumption. Most drinking water start from extracting water from a river or lake. That dirty contaminated water enters a treatment facility, where it enters through a screen, designed to remove large debris such as clothes, sticks and large plastics. Then the water is funneled through a grit chamber where smaller particles such as sand and stones are removed.
The water is then moved through a secondary treatment process. In this process it removes organic matters or microorganism in sewage. This stage is called initial chlorination. The water then entered a coagulation and settling phase. This phase of the process removes metals and suspended solids. The water now enters another filtration process at which point a final chlorination chemical is added. Chlorination helps protect the water from bacteria and other contaminants as it flows through the pipes. The last step is the addition of fluoride. Fluoride is a chemical that helps to prevent tooth deterioration.
The writing worked well for the target audience. When I read the process, it was immediately clear of precisely what happens at each step of water treatment. To make the process writing more effective I would use colorful drawing to create more of a visual image of the water process. Nonetheless the water treatment process was well written.
Mechenich, C., Andrews, E., Peterson, J.O. (2013) Home Water Safety: Evaluating the Condition of Your Public Water Supply (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. [PDF, file size 99.6 KB] University of Wisconsin-Extension, Madison WI. Retrieved from http://adams.uwex.edu/files/2013/01/Home-Water-Safety-Evaluating-the-Condition-of-Your-Public-Community-Water-Supply.pdf

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Discussion reply.
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