Discussion questions * NEED DONE BY 8 PM TONIGHT EASTERN TIME*

1.  How might salespeople us their knowledge of the multiattribute evaluation model to plan and deliver their sales presentations to a buyer? 

2.  Discuss and give examples of an  open-ended question and a closed-end question and describe how each of  these question formats might best be used in the trust-based selling  process. In your follow up replies, discuss which situations work best  for both types of questions 

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Discussion questions * NEED DONE BY 8 PM TONIGHT EASTERN TIME*
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You have been hired as a  consultant by a new company to develop a strategic prospecting strategy.  The company brews and bottles a specialty tea beverage. The tea is rich  in vitamins, anti-aging nutrients, and natural anti-carcinogens. The  tea is expensive to brew and has suggested retail price of $3.00 per 16  oz. bottle. The company is located in your town. It can produce 5,000  bottles per day and does not sell the tea directly to consumers.
Answer the following:
1- How leads will be generated?
2- How will leads be qualified?
3- How sales prospects will be prioritized?
4- How information to prepare for sales dialogue will be obtained?
5- How the strategic prospecting strategy will be tracked and evaluated?


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