Discussion Question

For this assignment, I would like you to identify one symbol from either “Condolence Visit” or “Honey Pie.” There are many symbols to choose from; look for one that in some way conveys something about desire or romantic love. Then, write a short piece (250-500 words) that explains the symbol’s meaning and function within the short story. 
Your written response must be formatted according to MLA standards and must include at least one piece of appropriately cited textual evidence from the story you are writing about. It makes sense to cite the passage containing the symbol you are analyzing, as well as any other passage that sheds light on the symbol’s meaning and function. 
Please note: You will not receive full credit on this assignment if you are missing a piece of textual evidence and/or your page is not formatted according to MLA standards. For assistance with using MLA and citing textual evidence, please see the Plagiarism Module, which contains a sub-module devoted to MLA formatting tips.

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Discussion Question
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