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“San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez”

The San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez case decision ruled that funding a school district system through property taxes did not violate the constitution. Through the current funding system of government taxation and distribution, imagine that your district is not receiving enough funding to support educational instruction and student needs. 

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Discussion Question
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Explain how the San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez case decision affects funding for districts with low socioeconomic populations. Next, suggest an alternate taxation system that distributes funds among schools in a district that is still supported by the law. 

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Good Morning Class,
A great number of schools has always had issues in terms of funding. Schools will continue to have this issue if they do not take matters into their own hands if they do not begin to seek grants and other loans. Some schools have classroom “moms and dads” who will help supply needed materials to the class. Funding should never be a major concern with the schools due to the state giving the schools who fall under them money. Sometimes funding is there, but its is being invested into the wrong programs. For example the sports department always seemed to have the most funding, while the other departments in the school continues to suffer. If a district has a low population and attendance the school should be allowed to determine a budget that is needed to fit the budget of the school versus another governing body to make a ruling for them. Families who are extremely wealthy should be prompted to pay a little more money in regards to school tax because most of them really do not pay enough of school taxes. Some may feel upset due to their money being passed to low income schools, however it should warm their heart knowing that their money is being put to a good use. Schools who do not try to address the issue of low funding will continue to put the students at a disadvantage. School boards should really step up and find additional funding so the school can function the way that it possibly could.


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