discussion post – Interpreting Confidence Intervals and Functional Strategies

 NEED TO ANSWER ALL TWO DISCUSSION QUESTIONS…also specify which answer goes to which discussion question 

question 1 – interpreting confidence intervals
Assume that you are interested in doing a statistical survey and using confidence intervals for your conclusion. Describe a possible scenario and indicate what the population is, and what measure of the population you would try to estimate (proportion or mean) by using a sample.

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discussion post – Interpreting Confidence Intervals and Functional Strategies
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What is your estimate of the population size?
What sample size will you use? Why?
How will you gather information for your sample? Describe your process.
What confidence percentage will you use? Why?

Assume that you have completed the survey and now state your results using a confidence interval statement. You can make up the numbers based on a reasonable result.

question 2 – functional strategies
Review the following case study.In your discussion post, discuss and analyze the functional strategies used by Ford Motor Corporation in its rollout of its fleet of electrified autos.
Ford Motor Company’s Electrification Strategy


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