discussion post – Diversity Resources, Domestic Containment and McCarthyism

NEED TO ANSWER ALL THREE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS…also specify which answer goes to which discussion question 

question 1
 As a manager, you will often encounter situations related to diversity challenges that are new to you and you will depend on resources to help you guide your actions. Research websites, books, or journals and see what possible resources exist for you to deal with new challenges.
Identify two resources other than what has been provided on the lecture pages (be sure to include the link or specific information so the readers can research them as well.) and provide how each might be useful to you as a manager in the workplace. Include your thoughts on the credibility of the sources and any limitations they might have.

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discussion post – Diversity Resources, Domestic Containment and McCarthyism
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question 2
 Discuss the concept of “domestic containment”. How did this concept operate in 1950’s-1960’s America? Why was it destined to ultimately fail? Give an example of one of the values present in domestic containment, and explain why it did not apply to the increasingly independent youth culture during the 1960’s. 

question 3
 Define the “McCarthyism”. Explain how this term was created. How did McCarthyism affect Hollywood during the cold war era


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