Discussion of hip hop

Historians and social scientists often label demographic groups: “baby boomers” are the generation of people born in the post-World War II period between 1945 and 1964, while the generation before the baby boomers is referred to as “the greatest generation.” These terms, used in a cultural context, refer to certain cultural attributes of these particular groups. What are some of those characteristics?   (If these are terms that are unfamiliar to you and you research these terms, be sure to cite any sources you consult. A good resource in citing and creating references can be found here: https://owl.purdue.edu/index.html)

Of course, not all people who are labeled as “baby boomers” or “the greatest generation” meet the general characteristics and criteria that have been attributed to them. With this in mind, to what do you think the term “hip hop generation” refers? On what do you base your opinion? What characteristics would be included in such a designation? We know about the music and the accompanying four elements; think about cultural, social, economic, and other factors. In posting your reply, be sure to include examples that support your opinion.
Original post (minimum 200 words)
Two Responses for classmates (minimum 100 words each) 

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Discussion of hip hop
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