discussion of ENG105

Note that there are TWO things to read and answer questions for in this post In a minimum 150-word paragraph discuss the following:( http://wpacouncil.org/files/framework-for-success-postsecondary-writing.pdf )

Look up (Google) any of the organizations that authored this document (CWPA, NCTE, or NWP). To make sure you get the right organization you may also have to include a phrase like “college writing” in your search. Why do you think this organization would be interested in writing a text like this one?
Who is the audience (or audiences) for the text and how do you know?
For you personally, which 3 (or more) habits of mind will be most important for your success as a college writer and why?
Which of the five experiences listed on the second page (for example, rhetorical knowledge and critical thinking) do you think are most important in developing the habits of mind that you chose and why?

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discussion of ENG105
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Next, In a minimum 150-word paragraph, answer the following questions:( http://sites.psu.edu/fonash/wp-content/uploads/sites/5930/2013/09/Writing-for-an-Audience.pdf )

Flower says that “good writers do more than simply express their meaning.” What do you think she means by this and why would this idea be important when thinking about academic writing?
Flower argues that there are three important steps to analyzing your audience’s knowledge, attitudes and needs. How can understanding/anticipating these three things about your audience help you to “pinpoint critical differences” between you and your reader? Consider each of these separately.
How can understanding these differences help you as a writer?


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