Discussion forum on chapter readings

Required Textbook:
Arun, J. S., Cuomo, J., & Gaur, N. (2019). Blockchain for Business. New York: Pearson Addison-Wesley. 

1. Discuss blockchain’s potential application in compensation systems (base wages, incentives, rewards). 
2. How can a token economy affect employee compensation?

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Discussion forum on chapter readings
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You are required to cite this week’s assigned readings(see attachment) in your paper.

1. Zielinski, D. (2018, March 18). Is HR ready for Blockchain? HR Magazine, 63(2), 62-63. 

2. Kang, S. & Park, K. C. (2019, May). On the effectiveness of multi-token economies. 2019 IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC) Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC). 180-184.

Use the following headings to organize your paper: 
Question 1-2, 

Your response to the discussion prompt should contain a minimum of 500 words.
Writing Requirements for the Assignments:

Textbook and assigned reading reference must be used.

References MUST be cited within your paper in APA format. Your reference page and in-text citations must match 100%. 


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