Discussion Board (Last)

Introduction: One of the most effective ways that we learn is through open dialog.  This discussion board is meant for you to openly interact with each other guided by a specified topic.  Discussion participation is key to expanding your knowledge.
Discussion Board Topic:
If you do something wrong and you feel guilty, take a sign of relief.  The feeling of guilt is a quality attributed to someone who scores low on a psychopathy scale.  However, the human feeling of guilt is often followed by the human quality of neutralization.  Please respond to the following prompts:

Explain Sykes and Matza’s techniques of neutralization theory.
This theory was designed, and is typically applied, for juveniles.  However, it is fair to say that adults neutralize actions within their lives too.  What is something that you neutralize in your life?  Are you able to reflect on your own neutralization and empathize other people you know?  Why, or why not?

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Discussion Board (Last)
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Grading Criteria:

Discussion Board Initial Post:

Treat your initial post as if it was an essay.
At least 300 words.
Use reliable sources to substantiate your work and to provide examples.  (Include in-text citations and a reference list)
Limited use of quotations
Be thorough and fully explain your points
Full grading criteria can be found in My Grades, by clicking on “View Rubric”

Discussion Board Responses:

Must post at least 5 responses.  You do not have to respond to 5 students, only post 5 responses.  The purpose is to engage in a conversation by asking questions, providing thoughtful insight and new information to the conversation, and even sparking a friendly debate.
Whether you agree or disagree with a classmate, ensure that you you provide detail as to why.  
Do not critique grammar, writing style or format.
Back your opinions up with evidence, data and/or case studies.
Be engaged in the conversation.
Full grading criteria can be found in My Grades, by clicking on “View Rubric” 

Must read chapter & have in text citation


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