Discussion and responses

Part 1)

Read “Suburban Homes Construction Project” at the end of Chapters 8 and 9 (in the textbook) and then develop a WBS (work breakdown structure) in Microsoft Excel or in Microsoft word (using tables).  Please do the best that you can; however, please note that you will learn how to incorporate Microsoft in another PM class as you go along in the PM program.    
Submit your answer in the Discussion Forum and then submit peer replies regarding their answers (200 word minimum for each peer reply).  Please note the netiquette rules as located in the left column of this screen.  Click on “Netiquette” and read the instructions. 

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Discussion and responses
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Part 2)
Answer the PMBOK® Guide Questions at the end of Chapters 8 and 9 in the textbook.
Submit your answers in the PMBOK® Guide Questions Discussion Forum,  observe how your peers answered the questions, and then collaborate with your peers about the correct answers by submitting peer replies.  Your initial post should have the question numbers and your answers beside them.  
Please look to the Netiquette rules by clicking the “Netiquette” tab in the left column of this screen.  
(PMBOK is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.)


1) for Pavan

Suburban Homes Construction Project is a successful construction company that has mostly constructed desired houses for middle budget people and common people. The building structures are very unique and attractive that satisfy the needs of customers. They have achieved a brand name and good recognition from its potential and regular customers. The project manager will design the building plan with all the requirements chosen by customers. The necessary alterations and color choices will be modified depending on the taste of its customers. Because of the involvement of customers in their project development, they have achieved a good reputation along with high profits (He, 2014). 
WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
The construction is a very difficult task that needs commitment and communication of many engineers, builders, contractors, and workers. The building construction project can be handled in a series of events that have to be applied perfectly by the builders. The engineers will first design the construction plan that will include all the legal terms and measurements of that structure. The model will be approved legally and then construction by builders will be started under the guidance of senior builders. The workers are intimated about the steps in initiating the construction procedures. The basement will be constructed with strong pillars and iron material so that the foundation will be very perfect. Later, this will be followed by constructing rooms, roofs, electrical wiring, plumbing, and flooring. All these will be carried out with prior involvement of customers. This helps to improve the status of the project that will help to attain more number of projects in the future. A comfortable and peaceful zone should be created between builders and customers. This automatically creates new opportunities for the company (Lechler, 2012).
The Suburban Construction Company has recruited engineers to maintain unique designs and structural models that will help to uptake more projects without any problems (Sequeira, 2015).

2) for Sruthi suresh

Chapter 8 and 9 highlight the importance of having a Work Break Down Structure (WBS) that defines the key project deliverables in order to ensure that all the tasks are planned and the project delivers according to the pre-set planning and schedule. The WBS simplifies complex projects into smaller tasks that are focused towards achieving the team’s responsibilities in a hierarchical order. During adhoc and routine team meetings, this document can be used to identify potential risks in a project, it also provides more visibility to the project team.  WBS can be created using Gantt Chart, Mind Mapping Software, MicrosoftProject, etc
In summary, the WBS is primarily in place in the format of a convenient reference document that could be used for a number of purposes, including managing simple to complex projects.
The below mentioned WBS focuses on a four-tier WBS with each level denoted with numerical notation (such as “1.1”). The EBS below has been categorized into Project management, Planning, Execution and Closing, organized into broad deliverables and sub-deliverables below each category. Each level of the WBS is a level of detail created by decomposition, this is a process of breaking down the broader role in hand into smaller more manageable tasks. In the example below, Project management, Planning, Execution and Closing are the broader categories and Project Integration Management, Market Research, Hiring an Architect, final Drawing Approval are examples of the underlying tasks. As a project manager, the level of decomposition will be dependent on the extent to which you will need to manage.
Project Title: Suburban Homes Construction Project
Project Sponsor: Bank and other financial investors


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