Q1. “Managing Network Security Through Policies and Developing Personal Security” Please respond to one of the following:
· Analyze the importance of having acceptable use policies, remote access policies, and network security control policies. Choose one acceptable use policy, remote access policy, or network security control policy and give three reasons why you believe this policy is an effective way to manage network security.   
· Assess the risks and threats that may occur if these policies are underdeveloped or unavailable. Recommend three technical appliances that may be used to implement a network security function within your assessment and justify your recommendations. 
· Determine three reasons why an organization should define the boundaries of control, identify personnel security functions based on risks, and manage change within the work force. Select what you believe to be the most important reason and explain why.
· Propose three activities that could be performed by the Human Resources Department to screen and hire personnel effectively. Choose one activity you proposed and justify how it would support personnel security functions.
· The instructor insight
· Any current cybersecurity issues.
Q2. “Designing Effective Physical Security and Planning Procurements Effectively” Please respond to one of the following:
Outline three parameters that should be considered when designing and implementing physical security into the information protection scheme. Suggest two activities that could be performed to address these parameters and explain how.
Suggest three activities that could be performed to ensure that physical security plans are adequate. Describe two measures that you could perform in order to evaluate the installed physical security.
Select what you believe to be the top three benefits of making a business and assurance case prior to proceeding with a procurement plan. Support your response with a rationale. Describe potential challenges that the procurement process may experience by not having a proper business and assurance case.
Recommend two practices that should be performed when administering procurement contracts and explain why you recommend them. Determine how these practices will ensure that subcontractors fully comply with the requirements of the contract within your recommendation.
Instructor Insight
Any current cybersecurity topic
Q3. “Meeting Compliance Requirements and Developing Risk Management Best Practices” Please respond to the following:
Propose three (3) factors that should be considered when designing policies for legal and regulatory compliance. Determine how each factor would minimize liability for the organization.
Outline the steps required in order to define what is needed to meet compliance requirements. Determine the most important step in this process and support your answer with a rationale.
Analyze a well-designed risk management plan to determine how it can prevent risk and control residual risk. Identify what you believe to be the most important step in the risk management process and explain why.
Construct two (2) examples that demonstrate how qualitative and quantitative methods could be applied to measure risk and prioritize risk responses. Recommend two (2) factors that should be considered when prioritizing risk responses.

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