Q2. Your latest project assignment came directly from the CEO of his mid-size investment firm —to develop a plan that markets money-market savings accounts to lower-income workers. The CEO told you that the firm needs to extend its market share and lower-income workers need investment options. You wonder whether this is the complete story behind the project. What are some appropriate things you can do find out more about the project’s needs?
Q3. You’re project managing (also known as executive producing) the developing and filming of the pilot for a new syndicated talk show. Although traditional and less flexible, why would more centrally organized structures be appropriate for this project?
Q4. The U.S. government releases new guidelines for fire-safety ratings for outdoor materials, and you work at a company that produces tents, tarps, and sleeping bags. You’ve just been assigned a project in which you will lead a team of chemical engineers to test the flame-retardant properties of all the company’s products against the new guidelines in one month’s time. What is an example of one critical task you as project managers need to plan and perform for each phase of the project’s life?

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